Reliable and accurate delivery of synchronization from the core to the network edge is essential to meet the stringent requirements of new mobile, fixed and cable networks. However, the challenges go beyond accuracy. As well as strict precision, network operators need a robust, scalable and cost-effective solution that can work over packet-based networks as well as legacy infrastructure.

With our OSA 5430, a carrier-grade IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster clock supporting 10Gbit/s as well as 1Gbit/s interfaces with hardware timestamping, cost-effective and accurate synchronization distribution for next-generation technologies such as LTE-A is no longer a challenge. What’s more, its NTP server, multiple BITS outputs and GNSS receiver capabilities, make it also ideal for the smooth upgrade of legacy synchronization architectures. And with the ability to support DOCSIS 3.1 remote PHY devices, the OSA 5430 is also a powerful tool to help cable operators tackle booming demand. With a modular, scalable and fully redundant design, our OSA 5430 offers the highest configuration flexibility and reliability. In addition, our integrated SyncjackTM technology enables in-service synchronization monitoring and assurance without the need for expensive test equipment.


Introducing the OSA 5430 from ADVA Optical Networking



  • High-quality OCXO, DOCXO and rubidium
  • Up to 8 x 1/10GbE (base unit) plus 4 x 1/10GbE (line card)
  • Up to 2048 unicast slaves
  • Hot-swappable redundant clock, GNSS and PSU
  • IEEE 1588 PTP grandmaster
  • IEEE 1588 PTP boundary clock (BC), slave and probe
  • NTP server
  • PRC/SSU (Sync-E and BITS)