Time servers for control towers, airport terminals and on-board aircraft

Air traffic sustains a strong growth and requires a precise dating of time information in the control towers, airport terminals, and on board aircraft to ensure safety in the airspace and for good traffic flow. Today, more than 1000 international airports are equipped with our synchronization systems. Synchronization requirements in ATM are on several levels :

  • A reliable time information, a redundant equipment.
  • A quick and easy maintenance, thanks to the Hot-Plug modular system.
  • A 24/7 availability for the systems.
  • The transportation of UTC and local time on network.

Key points

  • Display identical time on the clocks and all the equipment connected to computer network.
  • Synchronise the computer network.
  • Display official time and GMT in the control towers and terminals.
  • Reply to sensitive applications with secured hardware.
  • Date events.
  • Disseminate and display information in real time for the staff and the passengers (video , information, security…).
  • Reply with compliant clocks with fire standards (EN60.950 et CEI60.950)

OSA 5420 Series

Our OSA 5420 series is a family of cost-effective, mid-scale synchronization distribution and assurance devices that bring the power of Syncjack™ to any network. Following a toolbox approach, the family members of the OSA 5420 series can be utilized in a variety of network synchronization applications, including IEEE 1588v2 Grandmaster, Boundary Clock, Slave Clock and Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS).

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OSA 5430 Series

With our OSA 5430, a carrier-grade IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster clock supporting 10Gbit/s as well as 1Gbit/s interfaces with hardware timestamping, cost-effective and accurate synchronization distribution for next-generation technologies such as LTE-A is no longer a challenge. What’s more, its NTP server, multiple BITS outputs and GNSS receiver capabilities, make it also ideal for the smooth upgrade of legacy synchronization architectures.

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