Time Distribution

Time server, distributors and displays The Time Distribution line represents a unique solution for anyone who has a project involving the efficient management of timing signals. A number of instruments with standard configurations are available to meet demanding customer needs

Time & Frequency

The highest precision and for metrology and time & frequency applications. Oscilloquartz Time & Frequency products and systems provide highly reliable and unsurpassed reference signals performances for satellite tracking stations, secure communications systems, metrology and other applications.   Metrology <<Read

Digital Broadcasting

Synchronization clocks for DAB, DVB (DVB-T, DVB-H) and WiMAX The Synchronization plays an important role in DVB (DVB-T, DVB-H) for Operation Reliability of new Digital Broadcast Deployments and to improve efficiency of MFN (Multi-Frequency Network). It is also mandatory for SFN (Single-Frequency Network).

Power, Utilities & Transport

The Power & Utilities distribution networks, their telecommunications network and the associated synchronization network distribute accurate, stable and reliable synchronization signals to all telecom equipment. This high quality synchronization supply is of paramount importance for the telecommunication network, since synchronization quality has a

Telecom Networks

Customer demands for more bandwidth at an affordable cost are increasing. In order to meet this demand the telecom fixed and wireless operators are in constant competition to deploy services always at higher speed. Synchronization clocks are important to achieve