TeleChat Communication, established in March 2006, is aimed to address and meet the growing demands of these highly accurate clocks for precise Telecom synchronization and Master Clock System for different kind of sectors.

We are the sole distributor in Malaysia for Oscilloquartz of Switzerland, an ADVA Optical Networking Company, a world leading supplier of Synchronization Products for modern Telecommunication Network & sole distributor in Malaysia for Gorgy Timing of France,  an Europe’s leading manufacturer of timing distribution systems. The products are widely accepted by local telecom operators, financial sector, hospital, railway transport, and being deployed extensively in Malaysia since 1991.

To meet the high performances requested by the network users, it is essential that all equipment in communication networks be synchronized properly.

TeleChat Communication have today, successfully built up a team that in a total has more than 35 years of working & hand-on experiences on Synchronization products. We are able to provide sync assistance from Sync Concept through installation, training and final acceptance for the network Operation.

Besides that, we also provide Synchronization Audit services to confirm that each node/ssu complies with the standards ITU recommendations. This work can be used to improve overall network performance, as a part of routine maintenance, to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment.