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Discover our NEW range of Master Clock System/NTP Servers. Use an authentic time reference! Keep your system time safe & consistent !

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PTP / IEEE 1588 – Timing & Synchronization: A New Era Begins

Precise timing is mandatory for running a high-performance network. Mandatory to ensure the continued success of your network and your business.

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How NTP benefit to your organization ?
Precise Phase Synchronization
IEEE 1588v2 (PTP) in Communication Networks
Assisted Partial Timing

Is your network in Sync & operating at maximum efficiency ?

We provide a comprehensive Frequency / Phase Sync Audit for your Network & full range of Sync equipment to enhance your network performance !

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Oscilloquartz Unveils Synchronization Solution to Enable the Small Cell Era

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, today launched the OSA 5405 SyncReach™, an integrated PTP grandmaster and GNSS receiver with a patent-pending dual antenna and receiver to enable the mass roll out of small cells.

Will Sync Supply Units Play a Role in Tomorrow’s Networks?

Are sync supply units nearing the end of their use? Will service providers soon be removing them from their networks?

What Is Assisted Partial Timing Support?

The delivery of accurate phase synchronization and timing assurance is critical for LTE-Advanced networks, but do carriers have the technology they need to meet these demands?